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Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Anybody who has visited Egypt's exotic sites understands how underrated they are. Well traveled Egyptians who have visited some of the most beautiful islands and traveled to the most wonderful places around the world know that they cannot compare to what Egypt has to offer. Nothing beats the crystal clear waters of the North Coast, the marine life of the Red sea, the magical deserts and much more!

In the recent years, the number of tourists visiting Egypt has severely declined. This has led to a near collapse in the sector as whole and has had severe consequences for those working in it. Despite this, it has also paved the way for smaller and more unorthadox touristic ideas to arise. People are now much more aware that there are tons of great places to visit in Egypt other than Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor. There is also a variety of different activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing and kite surfing which tourists can experience. In addition, traditional surfing is slowly becoming a more popular activity and has the potential to grow in Egypt in the coming period.

It is already a well known fact that Egypt has unrivaled monuments, a strong cultural heritage and the only wonder of the world. However, what many don't know is that Egypt has some of the best hiking trails in Sinai, world ranked national parks, the largest complete dinosaur skeleton, 80 Million year old deserts, salt lakes in Siwa, all year around kite surfing locations, extremely rich marine life and some of the best adventure trips.

Below are some pictures from all around Egypt showcasing some of the most exotic and interesting sites the country has to offer.

1.The Egyptian Dead Sea, Siwa

Siwa is one incredible place. It poses a very rich history and a unique cultural heritage. It also has an out of this world Oasis, salt lakes, beautiful camping sites, clear skies, great food and a wide range of natural products which can be bought.

Siwa has 3 Shali's. The word Shali means the mother in the Berers Amazigh language. Below the castle where everybody used to live for a 1000 years

2. Dahab - Nuweiba

Beauty above and under water, magical places like no where else. Dahab posses stunning coral reefs which are meters away from the shore. This makes it one of the top diving destinations world wide. Of course one must not forget to mention its clear skies and the availability of luxury safaris which accomodate to everyone's needs.

3.Inside Sinai - Sinai's Trails

If you are more of a hiker at heart, then this is for you. Trails that cross through Sinai which can last anywhere from a short 3 day hike to a 54 day hike across South Sinai allow you to engage in an out of this world experience. In a short 2 hour walk alone you can already experience Sinai's pure sand, greenery, rocks and canyons! This is truly a once in a life time experience.

4.Colorful Nubia

Nubia lies in Upper Egypt in the south. What makes this place so special is not just the nature of the land, but the uniqueness of its people. Wherever you find Nubian villages you will find the colorful life styles, stunning views mixed with the kindest and happiest people. The heritage of the Nubian people and the Ancient Egyptians is greatly intertwined and they share many similarities. In Aswan, you can visit some of the famous landmarks. However, staying at a Nubian Village is truly special experience.

5.Super Clear Skies all year around

Seeing the stars as they should be is something that everybody must experience. Star gazing is meditation in its highest form. People live and die without seeing a shooting star, something that you will see every 5 mins in a clear night sky. Jupiter, Mars and the Milky Way are standard sights to see on a moonless night. All you need to do is find the right spot which are abundant in Egypt. Clear skies are not skies without air pollution, but without light pollution and moist. The white desert is a perfect place for finding just that.

All the photos are shot by me and fully copyrighted.

for interested geeks, all the pictures were shot on a Fujifilm XT-1 and XPro2 cameras and a variety of Fujinon lenses. mainly 16mm F1.4 - 35mm F1.4 - 56mm F1.2 and the ultra wide 10-24 F4

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