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Updated: Jan 18, 2021


Fujifilm XH-1

My work horse, the perfect combination of all. In my opinion this is the best all rounder camera ever made. There are cameras with bigger sensors, faster processors and better video capabilities, but the package of having a very good feature in every aspect is what makes this camera a good choice. It can stand out in every situation. A strong APS-C can make you have top quality glass at a cheaper price and smaller size.

The Video capability is more than amazing. The Grip and feel of the camera is a second to none, a real 5 axis stabilization that really works for stills and videos. This is a killer camera for travel photographers. here is the link to amazon

Fujifilm XT-1

My loyal well proven second body. This camera I cannot sell. Since 2015 I can say all cameras are amazing. You cannot be wrong in buying a Sony or a Fuji or an Olympus. Since 2015 we are just having more welcoming features as touch screens, higher pixel sensors, better videos, faster processors. All are well and good but to be honest, if you use a 2015 cameras you will find them still extremely capable.

So for me the XT-1 is very usable and I do recommend anybody to buy it at the very cheap price after the announcement of the newer ones.

An extremely small weather sealed body coupled with a pan-cake F/2 lens makes it a killer everyday go to camera and a perfect second body.

The XT-1 is discontinued, but this is the link to the newer XT-2 (The XT-3 is a beast but a bit pricey)



Samyung (Rockinon) 12mm F2 and 8mm F2.8

This is the best Astro lens. The Samyung lenses are primitive manual focus with minimal elements which makes it perfect for Astrophotographers. The many elements denoise and filters out unwanted light bands, this maybe useful for the everyday lenses but with the astro, You need every light and no denoise at all. Its cheap, manual, wide with big apertures and stunning sharp results

click here for the link on Amazon

Fuji 23mm F1.4

This is my go to low light lens. It has an incredible build quality and feeling. Its a bit heavy compared to the 35 but still not that hefty. I am not a flash guy and I prefer natural lighting so the lens at an F1.4 with a decent ISO would clear the urge for external lighting. The lens sharpness is outstanding, one of the all-time sharpest lens. Its a go to also for videos, the 23mm focal length makes me comfortable in videos and at 1.4 it becomes capable at nearly all conditions.. Its only drawback is that it’s not weather sealed.

Amazon link here

Fuji 27mm F2.8

Well, I have a 23 F1.4 and a 16-55 F2.8… so why need an already covered focal lens? The answer is because it’s a pancake. It’s an extremely small lens that I always couple with the XT-1. The overall package is a dream. To have in your pocket a very capable camera with a state of the art 2.8 prime is a killer package. This is a camera that I’d like to take anywhere, its perfect for street photography too. The 27mm is a very nice focal length that is suitable for 90% for the everyday shots.

Click here for a link to Amazon

Fuji 35mm F1.4

This is my all-time best lens. It is neither the latest nor the fastest but I bonded with this it. The 35mm is my most comfortable focal length. If one day I decided to shoot with 1 focal length then the 35 would be it. The size of the lens noting that it is a F1.4 makes it a favorite. Its bokeh and sharpness are stunning. A Real quality lens with only some mechanical flows, its auto focus mechanism is a bit on the old side and it’s not weather sealed. Click here for a link to amazon

Fuji 56mm F1.2

An 85mm equivalent coupled with an F1.2. What more can I say? It’s one of the best portraits lenses ever built that can very much stand its ground with the full frame 3000$ lenses. This lens will really make you question full frame in general because of the smooth backgrounds, Sharpness and contrast. Its is just as stunning as its competitors in a much smaller/lighter/cheaper alternative. Unfortunately it’s not weather sealed but I’ve used it in really harsh dusty conditions and thankfully I’ve found no dust inside. I use it only for portraits so it’s not 100% in my bag since I am more into wide lenses. Click here for a link to amazon

Fuji 10 – 24mm F4

Since I’m a travel photographer that I constantly experience architecture photography and landscapes, the range of the 10-24 (16-35 equivalent ) is a must have. I think this is the lens that I used the most. I was a big user of the best wide lens ever made the bulbous Nikon 14-24 F2.8 and I thought that I would terribly miss it after changing to Fuji, but the 10-24 was really up to the task. Despite being only F4 , the Image Stabilization and the extremely wide angle compensated for wide aperture and never made me miss an opening of a 2.8. The only downside again is that it’s not weather sealed! I don’t know why fuji decided that the number 1 lens for landscapers will not be weather sealed. Fuji released the 8-16 F.2 which seems like a stunning lens, but the range of 10-24 small lens will always be a favorite. Click here for a link to amazon

Fuji 16-55mm F2.8

The default lens! The all in one that can replace all. It is not a small lens at all but small compared to the 24-70 of other full frames. It doesn’t have an IS. This lens is so good optically that make you question the need for prime lenses. I took it as a Solo lens on multiple trips and never missed anything else. The portraits are very good @55 F2.8 with a lovely bokeh. It is weather sealed so combining it with the XH-1 (which has internal stabilization) is a killer all in one package for Photos and videos. Click here for a link to amazon

Fuji 50-140mm F2.8

It is the 70-200 equivalent – supreme state of the art build quality, no tube extending during zooming in and out, extraordinary sharpness better than the Nikon in my POV, image stabilization,  a true tele lens with no compromise. The only downside is the size which is normal for that kind of lenses, I am always pleased when I get to use it and its photos are always a keeper. The thing is that I am not a Tele guy, I don’t know why, I love teles but maybe the size and wait are always a concern to me. Click here for a link to amazon

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