How The Time of Day affects a Photograph

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

We always hear the term Golden hour/blue hour. The half an hour during sunsets and sunrises. It's always the most dramatic time of the day. Its the time when the Sun reveals its colored lights and light the super high clouds. The time when the shadows are the softest and at its best. Landscape photographers always Target these timings Some never take outdoor photos anytime else.

I've decided to make my own experiment which is to take pictures from nearly the same place looking at the same scene. This is the Shali of Siwa, a castle that dates back to more than  900 years. Shali in the Siwi language means Mother. This was once the castle were everybody lived, never conquered, for more than 800 years.

I was doing a project to capture this magical place and I came across a stunning view point. I knew that I could get an icon photo from this point so I spent the whole day/night there. Travel photographers might not have the luxury of time, but as you will see in the below 5 pictures, the timing of the day gives you totally different results/pictures! at the beginning of my journey as a travel photographer, I tended to visit as many places as I can, But now I slow down and spend more time in one place trying to get the perfect shot better than a hundred of normal ones. all of the pictures are shot by a Fuji Xpro2.

1- So this was the first picture when I arrived at the view point. It was noon, the typical time for site seeing, and you can see the hard shadows, high contrast and the dull sky.

The Shali of Siwa during midday

2- This was the second shot, I returned back early before sunset to capture the Magic hour and was lucky to find the sun setting right behind the tip of the castle.

The Shali of Siwa during Sunset

3- This was minutes after sunset, the true magic hour, the high clouds now appeared, colored Sky and light bulbs began appearing on the castle.

Shali castle of Siwa during sunset

4-And tha magical mid night! enough said! stars are so bright as there are barely any pollution, the sky is super dry and the city lights are minor.

Siwa at night

5-Thought the sunrise would have been more interesting, since the sky is boring and the sun shines from the other side, we lost a lot of Drama.

Siwa of Egypt - Sunrise

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