I am Now an Official Fuji X-Ambassador

I am honored to be one of the great photographers Fuji chose to be their ambassadors.

So what does that even mean? first of all I'll tell you my story with Fujifilm.

I have always been a Nikon user. I love their colors, their cameras and mostly their lenses. My line of cameras began with the Film Nikon FM2 all the way to the Nikon D800. but the way photography had shaped in the last years made me stop and think for a while. Photography became heavier and heavier. DSLRs kept on going larger and camera makers marketing kept focusing on that bigger is better, all should be sacrificed when it comes to image quality. Yes the D800 truly delivered unparalleled image quality, the lenses were close to perfect. but Since I am a travel photographer who moves a lot, I had to search for more than just image quality.

So I decided to buy a second body just for fun and casual photography which is very important to me by the way. I got the X100 and was hooked by its supreme image quality/size/weight and looks. I got deeper into the Fuji systems and got the X-pro1, XT-1 and wasn't long since I discovered that the Fuji system is really the camera that I should use. I was surprised that Canon and Nikon, the biggest camera makers, are too proud to admit that the Mirrorless are catching up and they will soon end the DSLR reign,same as what the SLR had done to the rangefinders 40 years ago.

so the Question now Why Fujifilm?

there is no question that Fujifilm is one of the leaders in the photographic world, but for me I first known Fuji for their lovely colors in there films. I always preferred them over Kodak. but when I got the X100 and the X-Pro. They were truly cameras made by photographers, not engineers directed by marketeers. They listen to what the people say. They upgrade the models that were already replaced by newer ones. I was totally amazed by their concern.

So I was contacted by Fujifilm Middle east. And they said that they read my articles and saw my pictures  and they wanted to meet me in person. Luckily I met the regional marketing manager, such a sweet ,polite and knowledgable man who showed their new products and listened to my opinion on the Fuji Cameras. I was hooked more by this meeting to Fujifilm. I told myself that the company who spend time to meet and listen to their customers are truly an honorable and deserve to be the best.

I was then offered to be what they called Fujifilm X-Photographer/Ambassador. Since their main focus is always on photographers so they began a campaign from 2012 that they will try to have an ambassador in each country. They do not offer money and me and other ambassadors are free to buy other equipment from other camera makers. Instead they form a partnership with their ambassadors who like their products. these Ambassadors including myself will feature on their websites and events and in return they receive their critique and reviews on their products. needless to say that other photographers when they see ambassadors using Fujifilm will be tempted to get into this system, I get many mails asking what kind of camera am I using and if Fuji is really that good. A very honest way of marketing a product, not just doing paid commercials.

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