Nabq, The secret source of life in Sinai

Updated: Apr 7

Egypt, a million square meter country with a 97% of its lands covered in sand and rocks. Sinai Peninsula is no Different. But Sinai is far from being a vast desert with no life, it is home to thousands of creatures and a 300K population. but how is that ? the secret lies in one of the most amazing protectorates on the planet, Nabq,

Nabq has special plants and trees that has amazing capabilities, some has 30 meters+ roots, others do Desalination which is the process of purifying salt water into a fresh water.

Mangrove Tree, these trees takes the salt water, desalinate it and returns back the salt from its roots. it is home to thousands of animals and birds migrations. Bringing life to the peninsula.

The Second one is the Arak Trees, which is bury itself in soft sands forming small dunes called Nabq. the Arak Tree holds water in its leaves providing a water source for all living organisms. and there is a forest of Arak there,

And finally the master tree that is found all over Sinai which is called Acacia. the Acacia tree has seep roots that links to underground sources. The Acacia leaves provides food and minerals making it a camel favorite. camels then travel vastly across the lands and their droppings helps the trees to be found all over Sinai. whenever there is Acacia there is life

Locals of Nabq are great educated people mainly from Mazena Tribe. They live depending on tourism and fishing and other businesses related to camels. They moslty love their lands and protect it from everything. They have Eco Camps, the one we stayed in is named Medawa (No Galag) it the middle of Nabq.

One of the most interesting Stories there is the Maria Schroeder Wreck, a German Cargo ship in 1956 that was passing through the Red Sea and hit one of the Giant Reefs. its help there till this moment

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